Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What kinship do favorite recipes and the not-quite-finished poem share?

Reclaiming the almost forgotten. Updating,in the case of favorite recipes. Editing, the poem. Sometimes, there are more than one poem. Sometimes, side dishes in place of an entree.

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  1. ( H. cont.)

    All this supposing was making him hungry
    and besides, the fruit vendor was way overdue
    Where shall I dine this afternoon, he wondered,
    and in what order shall I order my meal?

    For it had been so long since he lingered
    enjoying a meal as in the old times with friends
    He was hellbent on solving the problems of others, and neglecting the luxury of fun

    "I shall call my aunt who used to visit us,"
    he exclaimed to the benchpost. Why hadn't she
    arrived at the usual hour? Where had she gone
    instead of the company of he and his daughter?