Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Why should peaches be grilled? Why should poems be written?

Because unexpected sweetness is necessary, not a luxury.
Perhaps, you will reconsider your next meal.
Perhaps, I will check on the saffron rice.
Perhaps, I will notice the similarity of hue -- peach & saffron.
Perhaps, I will tell you about this.

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  1. H/ cont.

    The flower vendor continue to reflect
    as the wheel of her cart was being repaired,
    and munched on the remains of her luncheon:
    white wine, a piece of cheese, and a peach.

    Lines from a script she was reading
    stayed with her throughout the day:
    "Void of ritual we are children in the shadows
    Void of ritual we have only facts

    "What good are facts without church bells
    and our arms around the mystery?
    Evil moves in and sleeps in our bed
    smiling and hungry, waiting for dawn."