Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How does seasonal food connect with a poem?

Say, in the height of season (of which we are) tomatoes are plentiful, colorful, and as inexpensive as they get.  Poets rely on the concept of seasonality.  One poet favors particular words for a while; perhaps, a lifetime.

Speaking of perhaps.  Perhaps, I will have a tomato for lunch.  Perhaps, the next poem will be about tomatoes and will begin with "perhaps."

Perhaps, Tomatoes

The rest will write itself.
Perhaps, it is best to be
as a white pasta bowl -- empty
with possibility
& perhaps
to savor
the expectation
of color.

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  1. H/cont.

    Most curious was the news that townspeople
    had decided to forgive the foreman,
    supposing he had gone slightly askew
    after the affair of his wife with the priest.

    Still, she knew the merchant would never rest
    until he found the source of the missive.
    the words which had started the whole episode
    and their origin, which he claimed not to know.