Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What do you do when you need inspiration for a poem?

Because today is today, go to the farmer's market.
Happy people with their bounty.

Color, shape & smell of bounty will inspire. 
If it doesn't inspire right away, no doubt
the meal will.  

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Imagine there are no figs in the world -- now in 3 words how would this impact poetry?

Perhaps, no poetry.

Or perhaps, poetry would go underground.
Fallow for a time.
Yet, the voice (or fruit) can't be squelched nor made extinct.
Will resurface when the time, the need arrive.  

Cheese & fruit. What is the equivalent in poetry?

Pen & paper, of course.
Pen & paper &
computer & the delicious software it contains.
Perhaps, a startling image that doesn't derail.
Settles into the right weight.
Perhaps, a tad cozy & familiar.
Don't be derailed.  Don't be dismayed.
The vague is chock-a-block with detail.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

If there were one fruit to describe your current poems, what would it be?

Figs or peaches.  Nothing is singular about the ripe.  Nothing is singular about poetry.  So, what's for dinner?  Did someone forget to take out the cheese this morning?  And the beloved cat will not answer the phone.

Does an electric water heater for tea quicken the writing of a poem?

No, is the short answer.
The long answer is the same.
This is not often the case.
One does not rush the sipping of tea.
Or words.  

Basil can be an entire forest. What is the equivalent in poetry?

Someone commenting on the fresh basil in the salad along with tomatoes and the surprise of beets.
A stranger buying 2 of your poetry books.
And always the ripe is to the good.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How is poetry akin to nasturtium in a salad?

So as flowers, words offer color.   Sometimes, an unexpected brightness as in the ubiquitous nasturtium.  Words echo their roots, leaves, flowers, fruit, seeds.  No doubt, nasturtium remembers where it comes from -- the spot from which picked.

From where the poem picked, you ask?

Why should peaches be grilled? Why should poems be written?

Because unexpected sweetness is necessary, not a luxury.
Perhaps, you will reconsider your next meal.
Perhaps, I will check on the saffron rice.
Perhaps, I will notice the similarity of hue -- peach & saffron.
Perhaps, I will tell you about this.

How does seasonal food connect with a poem?

Say, in the height of season (of which we are) tomatoes are plentiful, colorful, and as inexpensive as they get.  Poets rely on the concept of seasonality.  One poet favors particular words for a while; perhaps, a lifetime.

Speaking of perhaps.  Perhaps, I will have a tomato for lunch.  Perhaps, the next poem will be about tomatoes and will begin with "perhaps."

Perhaps, Tomatoes

The rest will write itself.
Perhaps, it is best to be
as a white pasta bowl -- empty
with possibility
& perhaps
to savor
the expectation
of color.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

How does one make a poem look like the color of beets?

If I knew, I'd be doing it.  However, for inspiration I cook beets often, especially those golden ones and the incomparable color of Chiogga.  Named for an island off of Venice, by the way.  Just like the Italians to have the inside skinny on food.   

What single word do beets inspire in a poem?


Perhaps, golden.
Perhaps, Chiogga
Perhaps, tonight.

Perhaps, a poem.
Perhaps, not.  

What do basil and tomatoes have to do with writing a poem?

Basil and tomatoes are a perfect combo and just as ripe and delicious as paper and pen.  The latter are essentials for writing a poem. Both combos will feed you.  Both, simple & eloquent.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

How can you quickly differentiate a salad from a poem?




raw zucchini (round-type)
a sprig, fresh tarragon
cherry tomatoes, red & orange
mozzarella, Bocconcini balls
black olives
olive oil
and here's the "poem" part of the salad -- add sliced peach

Perhaps, if is problematic distinguishing poem from salad.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How does a farmer's market shape the next poem you write?

It is the time of figs -- brown & green.  Pump.  Yummy,  Eaten from hand.   Or split & roasted. 

Figs offer the poem a delicious sense of nakedness and simplicity.  Ah, the shape of a fig -- bring that into the poem. 

What question does a non-green salad pose to poetry?

The question it poses to itself. 

What precisely is a non-green salad? 
Precisely, what is poetry? 
Perhaps, non-green salads and poetry are sisters after all -- existentially speaking.

What can a non-green salad teach poetry in 5 words or less?

To be unpredictable yet delicious.