Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What about tomatoes and apricots straddle a poem?

Color. Specifically, mixed medley cherry tomatoes (organic) and Turkish apricots. To which add an accent of green. Perhaps basil. Oil oil and wild fennel vinegar, might do nicely. Or snap peas with their inherent nature of haiku. Meanwhile, haiku (the cat) straddles the cellophane box of tomatoes and the bag of apricots.

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  1. This One Time (10)

    We gestured for him to visit
    and were told to wait until dawn

    No matter, as the basket was full of your favorites
    and I sipped on something cold

    Lovely that day as we encountered others
    and the twisting trees afforded shade

    and the strangers, so complacent,
    never asked the question, did they?