Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Blood oranges. How do blood oranges inform poetry?

Infuses the element of surprise with the element of joy.

All against a backdrop of the ripe.
Which is to say, seasonal.

Personally, I can't slice into a blood orange without thinking of enjambment. Perhaps, this is just personal.
Nevertheless. And yummy, too.

Rice. What's the connection between rice and "thus" in poetry?

Or "perhaps."
Or "nevertheless."

Rice and words. Each separate and combined to make the meal. Some might say complex carbohydrates. Others, simply yummy.

Yes, insert "yummy" between "perhaps" and "nevertheless."

What does cooking for more than one have to do with poetry?

Cooking and writing are meditations.
Usually singular in nature.
The sharing of which is community.
Invite the others to the table.
Be appreciative of an audience. Be kind to them.

Lentils. When is a poem earthy?

Let's reframe the question.

Where do poems come from?

Each lentil, a taste larger than its petiteness.

Lentils w/
cardamon, cumin, coriander, almonds, butter, roasted onions, garlic, black pepper.
Top with steamed petite string beans

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What kind of meal does an extended poetry title inspire?


What is the influence of bacon on poetry?

Yes, lower case.

Undeniable flavor.
A hint of the outlaw.

wrapped around a date.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What about tomatoes and apricots straddle a poem?

Color. Specifically, mixed medley cherry tomatoes (organic) and Turkish apricots. To which add an accent of green. Perhaps basil. Oil oil and wild fennel vinegar, might do nicely. Or snap peas with their inherent nature of haiku. Meanwhile, haiku (the cat) straddles the cellophane box of tomatoes and the bag of apricots.

What in a poem is equivalent to a splash of fancy vinegar?

Let's confer on a fancy vinegar. I'm thinking Juniper Berries or Wild Fennel or even Raspberry Balsamic. Just reach across the table and snag a trinity of taste.

A slash here; a dash in the poem.

Almost unseen; however, palpable.

How does a memorable meal siren a poem?

The same way walking does. Senses are open & grateful. Words ensure. The ripe celebrated. Ah those perfectly roasted potatoes. Those petite poems.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How does surface affect the writing of a poem?

In the same way as it does a meal if the kitchen table surface is desk for pen & computer. Writing & eating are one in the same meal.

Perhaps, the same can be said for reading.

Is it true that the size of the writing surface influences the outcome of words and space? (Table and notebooks various). Probably.

What advice does the refrigerator offer a poet?

Open me.
Take what you can use.
Make something fresh of the left behind.

A fine meal, a fine poem always knows
what has been taken out. What is only hinted at.

What do plates and paper bring to the poem?

Size, dimensionality & deadline.
Also, hunger defined. Satisfied.

Now, let's implicate the pen.

What about a bagel inspires a poem?

Structure. The bagel is a great example of wrapping itself around the nothing.

In poetry this occurrence is called silence.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

How do you describe the taste of a poem?

In 7 words or less? "Ah, the rewards of the unexpected!"

Look to the invisible be it silence, be it flavored olive oils or vinegars. Always the surprise. The unexpected.

How do you know when a poem is finished?

Let's ask the cook. How do you know when a meal is finished? Both poem and meal rely on hunger & deadline.

What bond do eggshells and poetry share?

Containment. E-shells are a perfect and efficient container for an essential food. A poem carries forth words. Both are fragile & durable. Both versatile.

Shape informs & satisfies.