Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Why is this poem different from every other poem

you've written on the same subject?

Consider, salmon prepared the same way (roasted w/mango, tomato and cilantro salsa) shared with the same friends tastes different each time. Tongue & ear fit for the part; performance by nature is rather fluid.

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  1. So Sure

    Most words don't bend in water
    or say what they used to say again
    I'd rather ride in on a pony
    if I had the boots to prove it
    You could sit in the sand and warm up
    watching a wave or two
    You could do that again and again
    one shore or another
    and all the blues might be lighter
    the older you got
    but chucking out theories of color
    and old boots and shovels
    says nothing like the first time
    you said I want this
    and it came riding up to knock you
    off your popcorn, out of your mind