Monday, June 21, 2010

Can poetry keep you from becoming a grammar outlaw?

It’s not only prose which adheres (to)
logic & conventional grammar. Grammar, after all, is traffic sign & road marker. Which is to reference the craft of a map-maker with a fine ear. Perhaps, with a dollop of play.

A dollop of pesto upon which sits rounds of roasted eggplant stuffed with ground chicken. Subtle, yet rich & precise. Not a morsel of ambiguity….well. In the end, how it all breaks.

1 comment:

  1. sitting at the restaurant
    all of them have shared
    what dishes at other times
    how the dishes and their diners
    have changed the menu
    and the silver
    so what is constant
    and what does it matter
    since the diners are there
    for the dishes
    and each other
    and the silver she wears
    reflects a smile behind
    its shine, its provenance