Tuesday, July 10, 2018

from blue & black series #10: not your usual Summer

And yet, and yet there were ripe (very ripe) peaches on the counter within fingers' reach.  And, yes, there was a soft hum of jazz and the occasional hummingbird sipping at the pomegranate yarrow. All this contained in the blue and in the black.  Petite poems, too.

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  1. Surveillance 6

    subject loosens his tie
    walks slowly to the edge of the river
    river has debris in it
    old plastic car
    holiday tree holder stuck inside a torn raft
    half a cabinet bobbing along
    beer logos people put up in their home bars
    a punching bag, pretty soggy

    subject tries to catch something floating by

    car pulls up

    (this appears to conclude this case, with unknown results)