Monday, February 20, 2017

What creates the intersection of image & word?

The answer is simple.  Light, of course. Because a question always begets another, we see the image above and what words are appearing?

And the intersection of image & hunger?  What will you eat for breakfast? And what will the image of avocado on toast inspire in words.  Something green & buttery.

2/19/17  on misreading a line

all else is butter

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  1. Jazz for the Occasion (5)

    In my dream, there are several of us at a reunion. On my way out the gymnasium door, a homeless person grabs my small paper bag of medicine and goes into the school where he heads for the bathroom. I wander through the halls, telling people what happened. They appear unconcerned, until I realize they know he will fall asleep after he takes the medicine. This does not reassure men and I awake, very anxious.

    4 a.m. Got up to go to the bathroom. Notice a terrace change in the atmosphere. Should I stay up to observe it? Try not to wake my companions, try to go back to sleep, let stall flow through. Dreams. Buttons. Associations, memories, fears, prayers. A baffled look at the day ahead. I should go to the gym. Somewhere on the journey, I wonder what that dream was about.