Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Gratitude and grapes

Sure, there's sugar in grapes.  Indisputable.  There's also gratitude.  Just take in that uplighting spirit, reaching for the light.  And if these remind you of kidney beans?  Good.  Who hasn't been grateful for a well-seasoned bowl of beans.

Since it's Valentine's Day, here's a poem -- a tad dark, perhaps?  Let's stretch for the light and call it a pillow poem.

as usual I left
the valentine on your pillow
I no longer believe
the dead can't read

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  1. Jazz for the Occasion (2)

    Sometimes these highways of ours are tangled, and only a short walk to the bench. Today I saw a forgotten man cramped under his own piece of plastic, staked out in the very spot where we read Maugham and embraced in the sea air. This is the daily turf of a substrata spy, walking to hear shots of the city for a future video, the camera under a block, propped up for sound.