Saturday, February 18, 2017


a lizard walked into a patio and found the spine of a snail quite comforting.  a good place to soak up the sun.  the spine of the snail seemed to be okay with it.  much like a spoon is okay with stirring soup.  the pen left in the spine of a book soaks up a poem

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  1. Jazz for the Occasion (4)

    Walking the many nautical miles from one side of the shore to the other, I keep conditioning my mind for the next. Some day I will walk from one bridge to the next, midday, and solve an abstract problem. The equations are mere signposts, they mean nothing. What is said is not the saying, but one hears tone and compliance as surely as it could be that. In the summation known as nature, one disappears in one's own time. Sidestepping such pondering takes it all out of you, but dance you must.