Thursday, April 30, 2015


I think we see what we want or need to see.  Perhaps, what needs to see us. Three kitties in a row in Manhattan each full of a question.

When are you coming home? Below, haiku is the maven of such a question.

And the next question, what's for a late breakfast? No doubt, a salad.  Because if a salad, there's sufficient color to prompt a poem.

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  1. cp 211 footsteps continued

    For she at dawn will find consolation
    in the slightest traces and faintest signs
    bells perhaps of those who worshipped
    hands closed in acceptance
    running only in their minds
    running as if going somewhere terribly warm

    as if terribly warm the beach still wants them
    instead of wishing she wills herself across the continent
    of her entire history, a mere ripple in the silver ice