Thursday, April 30, 2015


without people.

Contemplative pocket park at 53rd, NYC.  Loved this park when I worked at the Harper & Row buidling (gone) though I lamented all the people during lunch hour.

Nirvanna.  Here on a late Sunday afternoon on an otherwise sunny day, the perfectly beautiful grey of a city comes forth  (NYC or Paris?).   I saw what my mind-eye always did.  People-less beauty and yet footsteps & voices rush as waterfall.  Harmony.

And, yes, the lunch -- lovely Chinese eggplant & prawns (spelled pawns). A lunch with Bob,
Cin, and Karen.  Those chairs beautifully sat upon.

And, yes, overspilling with laughter.

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  1. cp 199 footsteps continued

    The footsteps of her lover
    run across her heart and the rain of last evening
    as if never idle they awaken
    her cantankerous oddball mind with bells
    bells that do not ring for anyone up at dawn

    And yet she waits outside her house
    to hear a word twice spoken
    her name or another name
    subtracted from the sum total of all
    that is taken in