Tuesday, April 14, 2015


tree with a void of crow.  Lush ice plants.  Pond, vibrant with waterbirds, including an unseen great blue herron.  And sun to frame.  What the crow eats for dinner is chance & the fancy of wing.  I'll go for a salad and poem.  Decidedly about a crow.  The poem, that is. And you?

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  1. cp 179 crime scene 11

    No more cartoons
    before breakfast

    A video of the contents
    before the alleged robbery

    She grabs one kind of pepper
    then doesn't like it

    All the chopped up seat
    backs are piled up

    Until the rest of the crew
    gets here

    A fortunate twosome
    not again not that again

    Turn it up she says
    I can't hear you