Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Coming upon blooming wisteria is to taste Spring and not look back. Then the first aspargus.  Fava beans.  Pea shoots.  And soon, just imagine, peaches.

As delicate as they appear, wisteria are anything but shy of fragrance.  A fragrance-force, for sure.

Later, reading Rilke and slipping into those purple passages.  Perhaps, those scents will rub off -- into the imagination of the next poem written.

1 comment:

  1. cp 149 crime scene 6

    "I do not know" heard behind the wisteria bush
    scrap paper written on it
    plus a signature rubbed out

    heat turns on and off automatically
    some clocks not correct
    a stack of magazines
    some chewing gum
    packs of seeds unopened
    tins out of date
    a collection of broken plates
    two pictures of the ceiling

    "where are you now"
    wiped off the chalkboard

    anatomical drawings
    from the 14th century

    she is studying
    puts her had up to the light