Tuesday, September 9, 2014


I'm writing a non sequitur poem each day.   (Non sequitur from Latin, "it does not follow").  I call them affectionately my say-what-poems.  OK, an example:

Non Sequitur #2

Grandmother said,
"Do not confuse sauce-
pan with bowl.
Know the difference
basil from shiso.
Keep your knife
sharp & always
away from paper."

Cooking benefits from practice -- kinetic & meditative.

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  1. I should have known by the way she didn't look at me. But so often when we sat by the water, we were quiet. And the plots of our lives are always a bit hidden. It's not every day I care about, just a few of the many. It is that particular image of something that grows, and causes trouble sometimes. Too much introspection, not enough reaching out I believe someone once said. But I do not think words are always the best way to find things out. In fact, words can hide as well as reveal. I said this, that morning, and I did not get much of a response. We were all imprisoned somehow.

    from Atmospherics, sg in sf, 2014