Friday, August 22, 2014


What can I give to the garden in exchange for the most exquisite yellow squash, sauteed with red onion, olive oil, garlic, pepper, lemon thyme?

Who brings words?  & where are they taken?

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  1. The Whole Person (continued)

    Why has she dreamed about Michael the past few nights? He is gone now, earlier than one would have thought, but not surprising given his lifestyle, his indulgence in everything bad for him, his health. The two girls wanted to take the car to go to an event downtown. M. said ok. He was with his friend K. Only it was snowing violently, the driving would be dangerous. Her dad appears, warning, almost prohibiting them to leave. But they do anyway. It does feel as if there would be trouble. They walk down a lighthouse set of stairs and try to find the car. There is a vague feeling of motion, but then she wakes up, glad she did not drive the car in the snow. One time, in reality, she had driven a car in the snow to pick up a friend at the airport. They had crashed. Her friend broke her arm. The car was totaled. A tree in the yard of a stranger stopped the car. They were taken to the hospital. the police asked questions. No charges were brought. Or were they? Her father had taken the car privileges away, many times. She was a wild driver in her youth.