Saturday, August 23, 2014


As in purse.  Purple purse.  With writing a purple passage.  With food comes the eggplant, beans, and asapargus.  Salt the eggplant before cooking & rise well.  And if words be salted & rinsed?  

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  1. Sometimes she glances around the room absently, as if she had misplaced something, then says, "It hardly matters." Soon she will pick up the mail. American memories are somewhat beyond her, though she lives in a fortress by the sea.
    "I didn't realize."
    "No, she never lets on."

    In fcat, I do remember picking up the mail with her up in Massachusetts, at the small general store called Packard's. She kept the same mailbox for 50 years, #62. Twice a day, she would take a walk to see what was going on, and post a letter in her large scrawling penmanship. Pens and ink bottles were all over the big, sunlit rooms. And chipped cups with spoons in them, to stir her tea or coffee as she wrote.