Saturday, March 30, 2013

Potato salad is the poem, right?

WARNING: There is no mayo in this dish.

peel, cube, & cook red-skinned potatoes
saute rainbow chard in olive oil
cook golden beets. peel & cube (perhaps, you did this yesterday morning in anticipation)
mix potatoes, chard, beets with olive oil, pepper, fresh lemon thyme, walnuts
yes, if ripe tomatoes were available, you would cube one glorious orb. today, that is doubtful, but I'll leave it to your judgement

consider adding feta
consider adding avocado

consider, the poem nearly "finished." you simply need to start it.

reach for the fork

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  1. (H. cont.)

    While the merchant's daughter's companion ran
    into town for a basket of flowers
    the purveyor and the merchant and his daughter
    exchanged the stories they had heard

    It became evident in the telling
    that the letter had been planted
    so the information could be scrambled
    and send the opposite message to the town

    the foreman in his haste to be important
    had done exactly what was hoped for
    and his wrath at the workers was a smokescreen
    for a plot he had concocted earlier that year