Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Green garbanzo beans. What's the bond been GGB and a poem?

Consider the ordinary as anything but. Be it young. Be it mature.

Consider a 2 garbanzo bean salad. Toss young and mature beans with olive oil, splash balsamic, twists of pepper, tomatoes, nuts (but which kind?), a snip of fresh herb.
Perhaps add cooked chicken. Perhaps not. The same goes for shrimp.

Where did you place the poem to accommodate?

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  1. ML/3

    We saw the boats and empty bins
    turned toward their end in ruin
    We wandered by and drank from them
    So empty and so barren

    We threw our silver down, oh yes
    Picked it up and threw it down again
    We stole the biggest of the lot
    In the dark without the rain