Thursday, October 18, 2012

Grapes on the vine. How are those grapes similar to published poems?

They both have their natural affinity; their necessary community. Go so far to call it home. Confused? Grapes off the vine are still grapes as poems unpublished are poems. Grape & poem crave a home -- modest as it might be.

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  1. steps (continued)

    and walking off the sand she contemplated
    the emptiness of one inch, one mile

    that is, the words themselves
    as they might be applied

    to something resembling distance,
    fortunes, and motion immeasureable

    Still it beckons doesn't it
    that formless sky

    propelling her into a state
    of undiminished joy

    followed by a cavern
    echoing grief on every wall

    and in the middle a wave
    translucent, reconfigured

    bouncing back to the
    abandoned shore