Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fiesta salad. How does a fiesta salad anticipate a poem?

First, what's a fiesta salad? All that is ripe & colorful & tossed on a plate or a white shallow bowl with an accompaniment of great music. Creative, health-loving, and eye & ear snapping. Much like Fiesta on the Hill, Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center's annual fundraiser. Always the third Sunday of the month, October 21 10-6 along Cortland. Always a ton of great music. Free.

Poetry is music & food & meant to be shared.

A Fiesta Salad for Lunch to Anticipate Fiesta on the Hill

heirloom tomatoes, chunks
avocado, cubed
Persian cucumbers, cubed
Welch cheddar, cubed
Fuji apple, chuncks
peppers, twists of
basil, fresh & torn
olive oil

1 comment:

  1. fresh and torn she rises from the sofa
    to get another glass of water
    her thoughts are based on science
    and the alchemy of the past

    but mechanics drive the form toward
    a window, a burst of air, a prayer
    there is little redemption in going over
    and over what was done and what wasn't
    and so the water cools, the erasure
    set in motion

    but pictures pull her back to the sadness
    and she must stay there a while
    no sooner has the back door opened
    than the frantic breeze beckons
    and all balls are dropped, all sentences
    find their immeasureable way