Monday, October 25, 2010

How is a poem connected to fog?

Perspective. Haze and clarity. Both fine things. Watch as the poem embraces the antics of fog. Strong the foreground, as in, what is upon the page and background, hazy. Then a shift, perhaps wind; miraculously the background becomes clearer. Upon a poem’s second reading, what receded, doesn't.

Spice accomplishes the same with food. Chili flakes in the fish stew. Or white peppercorns. Foreground/background. Layers to taste.

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  1. And

    in the mystery is the answer
    that the question never asks

    a floating ring in someone else's pool
    and a forgettable tale

    she says it does not count
    but he does not accept that

    so they quell the feud with
    flavors, a bounty that once launched

    poor boys' dreams of valor
    rich girls' fears of death

    fortunes that could have cleared the way
    if not for mapmakers out of pencil