I am grateful to serve as Resident Poet at Ebenezer Lutheran "herchurch" (  Once a month or so, I present an original poem inspired by the liturgy for that service.  I've published three chapbooks of these poems, each with 13 poems and 3 original images.   All three are sold out. Come to herchurch (678 Portola Drive, San Francisco, CA; I usually read an original poem on the first Sunday of the month.

The most recent chapbook

Here's the title poem:

Never forget
light is framer
& storyteller
add an adobe wall perhaps, a door
yes, make it green
for the childhood
thrill of forest
suddenly without prompt

a diagonal of light
is your mantra
keep going
there are particles
& mountains to explore 

constellations beyond 
this gesturing
the journey will be long 
take fresh fruit
water will be provided 

do not fret the lack
of anything, your dreams 
guide you and the stars 
will adopt you

My second chapbook is Everyday Psalms.  As a teaser, here's a performance of "Imagine" by Spiral Muse.

Imagine performed by Devi Vanni 
And the first chapbook "Light & Dark"

Here are a two poems from LIGHT & DARK:


The time of equal
won't last.  Earth tilts
click-by-click wheel rotates
light will wane.

Just now with sun
directly over head
prepare The Feast
of Getting Ready:

clean house
alight intentions
pick Gravensteins
anoint with honey

put on the root stew
light the candles
for without preparation
there can be no ritual.

She will enact the ancient drama
split open the pomegranate
spilling seeds, garnet & juicy.
Await the dark.

The LONG and the SHORT of IT

Fear not & bless my twin, the dark,
says light.  We are inseparable,
as all from Goddess.

A bit skeptical?  No worries.
No harm in lighting a candle.
No harm in beating the drum.

No harm in singing, in dancing.
No harm in sharing your story
or even a ripe persimmon.

Go head, light that candle,
put on clothes which dazzle,
make a joyous raucous

& celebrate, knowing desire
wears your face and wisdom
is that feather in your heart.

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