Saturday, July 8, 2017

Mom, I said I wanted a chapeau not this irksome bonnet...

Three weeks -- you're joking!
For the second time in his almost 14-years, haiku has a head covering. This time it's a fetching blue cloth not that ecologically-iffy plastic cone.  Can't call him a cone-head this time around. Here's the backstory:  haiku had surgery for an ear-tear.  He's fine, healthy & impatient.  When he's not eating or miffed at his head-gear, he does want you to know he's grateful to the staff & Dr Ellis at Civic Feline in Walnut Creek (CA) -- a cat-only vet practice.

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  1. Resolutions

    Worries of the world, batted around the asphalt court
    chamber music pops the goats--
    my hand on your knee