Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The centrifugal force of baby eggplants

It's unlikely you've considered the centrifugal force of baby eggplants & tomatoes & olives & bulgar. But why not?  Or to change the direction of the question -- why am I considering this right now? I'm unsure but this I do know: words are gleefully centrifugal on a page.

P.S.  Aren't you smitten by the basil dark lady and the salad burnet on the edges of the top plate? And how do these two herbs flavor centrifugal force?

Monday, July 10, 2017

Eating ecologically

Goats R Us -- always a welcome sight.  Their website says a "grazing company."  I think poets are grazers -- diverse individuals in a creative community.  Grazing on words -- imagine that.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Mom, I said I wanted a chapeau not this irksome bonnet...

Three weeks -- you're joking!
For the second time in his almost 14-years, haiku has a head covering. This time it's a fetching blue cloth not that ecologically-iffy plastic cone.  Can't call him a cone-head this time around. Here's the backstory:  haiku had surgery for an ear-tear.  He's fine, healthy & impatient.  When he's not eating or miffed at his head-gear, he does want you to know he's grateful to the staff & Dr Ellis at Civic Feline in Walnut Creek (CA) -- a cat-only vet practice.