Saturday, April 8, 2017

When what you dream of is right in front of you

Lilacs -- the showy ones with heady perfume -- are the flowers of my childhood.  Magic so far up
almost (almost) out of reach.  And yet a few inches south of the stars.  Like flowers, food conjures up tasty memories.  If nothing else, memory is palpable, fragrant.  Embodied.  Like words high up or low-down on a page.  Can't you just pluck them, smell them?  Syllable by palpable syllable.


  1. Yes, the fragrance and look of lilacs is a treasured childhood experience for me; don't see them often in CA.

  2. Blueberries were what we picked, great bushes hiding them behind thorns and bees, so all the more challenging. Of course, pies would follow. Today a student gave me a blueberry tart and a bottle of red wine. Totally surprised and delighted, I shall take it home and savor its taste and the gratitude she presented it with. Small treasures, big-hearted gestures.