Saturday, April 29, 2017

The place of the dream

Why do her dreams return to this place? Why doesn't she remember how she gets to this place?  By water?  By air?  On foot?  Why does she awake thirsty?  Why does she remember that fragment from Sappho?  Why does she long for persimmons?

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  1. He is now a husband and a father. How much does a person change when they have others to care for? When should the little son go away or at least recede? When do I stop being an older sister, and let him go on his way in a certain oblivion? He does not show much interest in seeing a picture of him and her, in the first days of his life. I, conversely, hold it dearly in my archives, refuse to let it go, even though it breaks something inside me every time I look at it.