Monday, April 3, 2017

Light persists

One moment on firm ground; the next underwater but light persists.  Light fires up and illuminates what it touches.  Apply this to cooking: if light were lemons, it would brighten the water.  Now apply this to a poem which is flirting with a watercolor.  How tricky to capture water in a watercolor, a poem or a poem about a watercolor.  Tricky capturing flirting in general or in the particulars.

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  1. Jon's Visit

    I am without, within, and full of the stubborn stillness of wanting to define this space when there he is, at the airport. It's been 12 years since we hugged. It was a sad time then, but we are better now. Our lives are slowly mending and bending, and it is easy to see the City together. His wife is full of wisdom and energy, and loves him dearly. As our days unfold, I wonder about all the time between our ages, and how differently we remember the years growing up. I try to pin down some of these memories, but as always they run away or I run from them, and it is only on pages like these that they may be captured. Thus, the bench I too will sometimes sit on, overlooking the field and valley of time.