Friday, April 28, 2017


Bird of paradise are amazing  -- plant & aviary. The rooted kind have been known to fly at dizzying speed & heights.  At least in the eye's fancy.  And don't you think "birdamazing" is a fetching, necessary word.  I think we should also use "saladamazing" as a way to prepare for tomato, corn & pea season.  And with 3 days left to National Poetry Month, let's celebrate with "wordsamazing." Of the petite variety, of course, which break into silence.  Or it is "brake."

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  1. Jon remembers our walks to Packard's, the country store a half mile from nana's, to get the mail, twice a day. He also visited friends as he grew older, and marveled at their fishing abilities. I have a picture of Wendy and Todd looking at a frog on the hook of someone's line. It was one of those albums that you got back in the mail when you sent in a roll of film. Black and white, with wiggly edges. I loved that.