Saturday, March 25, 2017

Imagine the cat as an abstract painting

Yup, here he is.  haiku. At least his leg.  At the center is the rug.  OK, there's a bit of manipulation.  Can't you feel the plush fur. Cats and salads are ripe for abstraction. And both very dear in the particulars.

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    House Series of smaller paintings: whimsy of creatures, pastel toys, kids poised on beach balls, teetering--imminent danger vies with ideas of glee

    ghosts of those departed swirl through the air, up the stairs where we sleep

    colors resembling popsicles, colors, enchanted, ward off danger

    crayons? maybe later.

    Those rubbed out of the picture more noticeable than those kept in?

    The call of the survivors seesaw with those taken...the idea of symmetry sneaks up on us.

    2/88 ccdic red notebook sf, ca