Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Spring is short-lived. Consider:  Daphne.  Imagine a Spring wreath of Daphne.  Delicate & aromatic. Now, think of asparagus and peas.  In my book, not much of a leap from vegetables to words.  By the way, which words are among the most fleeting?  Which words are aromatic?

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    Dream 3/88

    A foreign stadium. Large audience, precariously perched, waving yellow flowers. Stairways. I am suspended above the crowd, but still part of it. I observe a large collection of pens and mechanical pencils, some brand new, some well-worn--all gold and beautifully made. I ascertain that the worn ones are grandfather Godfrey's and finger them a little warily. By the time I decide they were meant to be mine, it is time to go. I have the sensation of ascending on planes through a shopping complex, like Bonaventure in Montreal. Dad is there.

    Dream previous night:

    Iam running up the stairs, having heard Mom is there. I see her hand stretched out from a bench. She is crumpled up, reaching for me. I wonder if I am going to make it on time. I wake up.