Sunday, January 22, 2017

When was the last time you shared an Opal?

She will.  Share.  But first she buys.  To be precise, to be scientific (and isn't that at the core of food?) -- UEB32642.  The Opal apple.  The melding of a Golden Delicious with Topaz.  Note the russeting around the stem.  She's thinking of all her friends with beautiful aging hands & faces. She slices an Opal.  This fruit, unlike others, unlike what the mirror says, will not brown.  Will not show its age.  The flowers, too, etched in glass -- remain untouched.  Unlike the poems written three decades ago, she now is re-reading, retouching.  At what age, are words ripe for the picking?

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  1. Intuition 1

    disaster on the forefront
    pittance given to the weary
    what about the abandoned armistice
    trampled by the sea?