Thursday, January 26, 2017

Since you asked

the physics of landscape hinge on the absorption of light.  Her proof?  The seamlessness of object & metaphor.  A daffodil.  A favorite lidded, fruit-motif sugar dish. A mirror.  The sea. A breeze. The simplest recipe of noun and verb. Stir. Put out in the sun for breeze to make the center palpable.  

Although you didn't ask, consider the similarities of petal & paper.  Paper, as metaphor for poem.

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  1. Intuition 5

    retaking a hill once relinquished in a bet
    they walk the mica covered dirt with nothing special
    in mind
    thus was a friendship born so many years ago
    walking up and down the steep hill after school
    behind the doors of our homes
    unspeakable mysteries of lost adults
    and after that was uncovered
    a bewilderment, an agreement, a new view