Thursday, January 19, 2017

From the thread of red

Coral maples --the labels says.
So like a meal, a poem, a canvas -- light, color.  Space. Spoon and pen celebrate.

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  1. Tributes must continue, to friends and family, to the better part of human nature, to nature in its wisdom and good food and good times.

    This next tribute to a good friend healing from surgery--all went well and the writing he does will continue. We share many years of past, and future we hope.


    We were waiting in the rain
    for the train to take us to you--
    that travel back and forth
    from time now to time then--
    No breaking eons can compete
    The giddy skies open once in a while
    You and the rolling laughter you create
    "It's all about the beat", you said--
    Heartache and its many versions
    have waited for us too
    Damn age and its assumptions!
    Rock then steady my wily lad
    These days steadfast in promise
    One circle, four points, burn true

    for Bob, 12/11/16