Friday, December 30, 2016


& for the New Year -- food & words aplenty

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  1. Crime Scene XII, redux

    manifold diagram
    set of wrenches
    rusty top of nail can
    a metric ruler
    2 sets of small hammers
    what looks like a compact
    not much powder left
    a light rouge color, but old

    a small kid keeps looking at the couch--
    check pillows
    two patterns do not match

    large supply of white bread and mayo

    in left drawer of desk:
    letter to brother for birthday (no mention of combination)
    pens, pencils, paper clips
    rubber bands, lists of downloads
    key rings of other people
    packet of parsley seeds (expired)

    what can I do for you?
    motorcycle arrives
    relative calm
    says he knows her
    from a long time ago

    has tattoos