Friday, December 30, 2016

Love for this New Year

a plate of words
a platter of persimmons

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  1. Resolution

    On this first day of this new year
    I will go down to the ocean
    to walk in the company of waves
    and birds that stalk the sea.
    I will offer away all my troubles,
    my burdens, my grief, my worries,
    my petty suffering.
    I will turn my back to the city,
    its noise and greed and dirt and confusion.
    I will wish for another day like this,
    cold and clear, its center
    turning on itself endlessly--
    And for another chance
    to greet those who are, and were
    and ever will be, those who have
    my past and present and future
    as I have theirs,
    my friends, my family, my dear creatures
    who I love and who love me.
    I will listen to the roaring air
    to take away all the tears,
    this day by the ocean
    eternally coming and going,
    breathing and breathing yet again.