Friday, November 4, 2016

Hearing & seeing

It's been said there's nothing more satisfying that hearing a good story.
I say, there's nothing more rewarding that seeing a story.
Salads are like this, too.  Who doesn't love to see a vibrant salad?
Who doesn't love seeing a petite poem imbedded in a salad?
Who doesn't love hearing the poem in a drop of rain?
Who questions that a question is the perfect conveyance for hearing & seeing?

1 comment:

  1. Skipping a month has its ups and downs? Sometimes you just have to let 12 wonderful posts have their say, for the moment at least. While news and politics loom, how lovely to let the mild weather in and out of your life, and just keep walking, talking, writing, being. Friends who live in harmony and have a good time just seem to counteract all the rest, all the noise. For this, October has its bite, its crisp apple sort of feeling, and has always been one of my favorite months. Not quite the holidays, not quite over the start of school, not at the end of the year and not at the beginning.

    Here's to the poetry bites posts of October--may they delight and inform my own compositions. And may the author take a bow in the stark light of morning.