Friday, July 15, 2016

The origin of a spoon

Drop by drop
drip by drip.

Was the origin
of the spoon
a petal?

If you disagree
and say the origin
of the spoon
is our hand
you're be right
but please note
the origin
of the hand
is petal.

So, what stirs soup --
hand or petal?

1 comment:

  1. Metrix, July 2016

    Spoon: the cold metal against the cold melon this morning
    wake the tongue, wake the senses
    cold ripe melon

    Black Cadic journal, 10.9.85:
    3 roses in small glass vase bring back the garden
    rock 'n'roll tapes on boombox/topical jolts

    leather jacket
    loaf of bread

    Her note on the kitchen table as she walks out into the morning air
    Every detail as a riff

    coffee/tea in bed
    my new freedom
    my old fears

    the ratio of a lifetime