Thursday, July 21, 2016

Not done with that tomato

From the previous post, here's that tomato again through the Circular-app.  Tomato as flower.  Tomato requesting the presence of basil and mozzarella.  Poem waiting for a knife to slice and a spoon to dress.  The mouth is onboard.


  1. LOL. The mouth is onboard. Love it! :)

  2. Metrix July 2016

    The sorting--giving away, redistribution of goods
    Test to see what remains: toys, tax records, artworks, papers, books,photos, dishes, camera, word-making instruments

    I read the old journal with no distance....a slight tremor where closure ought to be

    inks-water-gouache-plaster-glue: Giotto's hope
    they re-plaster with delicate technology and a brush
    the divine ingrained