Thursday, July 21, 2016


Jersey?  Yes, Jersey as in Jersey tomatoes.  Perhaps if you're not from NJ, you don't know the significance.  So, Jersey is the Garden State and could be on the merits alone of its beefsteak tomatoes.  Slice into them, eat plainly and you grasp the finest summer offers.  

Yes, this one above came with the "skin defect."  Isn't she beautiful.   Below, she's been "circular-ized" -- that fun app for photos.

Fruit which is circular and slightly bulbous has kinship with poetry.  Some things you just know.  You don't know why or how, but you know you know.

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  1. Metrix July 2016

    As paint dries, the gray seems so bold
    I am used to pastels--they hide so beautifully
    the transient angst, the fleeting mist out the window
    the idea of idleness, a luxury unindulged
    Every color imposes on the next
    how to tame them

    tents, drawings of them on old paper found and amuse

    Now: the remembering recedes, the present comes forth
    Then: the interrupted

    When do we integrate the time visibly passing?

    I turn on the base heater and wonder if we can sit next to it when it rains in the winter. Will it be enough?