Monday, May 23, 2016

When is there too little to harvest?

My roommate and I planned fava beans to put nitrogen back into the soil.  One bean took a liking to it's particular spot in the backyard.  Now, we have 3 fava beans all that glorious fava bean green. The garden is singing a little louder for this.  Add this to my to-do list:  write a minimalist epic to the fava bean.

Alas, lunch didn't include fava beans but the garden's mint -- minty.

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  1. Circular

    Notes while priming a canvas

    theoretical implications
    of the unconscious on display
    shapes for awareness
    a congregation of internal and external

    part is white, part is unprimed, part is pencil
    what is the message behind the round smile
    the eyes coming through

    should I get rid of that splotch?

    archive, 12/10/86, sf, ca, red cadic journal