Thursday, May 26, 2016

Presenting fava beans

Food, especially just picked from the garden, is like a poem.  Your initials all over it.  Whose initials
on the vintage glass plate?  My Mom's.

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  1. Circular

    painting journal: self-portraits
    the somewhat demented shapes still haunt
    beckon to be identified and then banished behind shields
    my faceless heroes, all boxed up

    no hierarchy of pain
    I grieve and re-grieve the going away
    R. in the hospital all upside down

    what would I do without paper to keep it all straight?

    looking at slides from Ol'Dad of us wiggling around
    all dressed up in easter clothes and gloves-- i wonder
    who bought those?

    archive, 10/91, sf, ca , red ccdic journal