Saturday, May 21, 2016

Colors of the inside voice

Make no mistake; flowers have inside voices.  Consider, the poppy.  Here's one to get you started:

And here's my point.  Below is what the poppy hears when its inside voice sings to the garden.

Now, I'm trying to picture the inside voice of the avocado I enjoyed for breakfast.  Or the inside voice of the poem I wrote this morning about an

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  1. Circular

    about the small painting in my room which I cannot seem to discard and yet find hard to look at:

    House of 1,000 memories

    whimsy of creatures surrounding a central figure which sits on a small chair, back to viewer, apparently naked, stairs with creatures in and out of them, jumping and careening off them, gleeful smiles, waving, and yet...

    to me it signals chaos, imminent danger, ghosts of those departed
    people stepping on rubber balls which by the laws of physics they will fall off

    colors resembling popsicles
    pastels enchanting, disillusioning danger
    how can it go wrong in a world of pastels???

    that which has been rubbed out of the picture more noticeable than that which is left in?
    the call of the missing
    the figure looks at a seesaw

    those taken not on the playground right now

    archive, 2/88, sf, ca "house series"