Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Choosing the instrument to create

Whether pen, brush, musical instrument or spoon what we choose to create with influences what we create.  Or perhaps, simple and necessary as the dialogue of hoe and weed.   By the way, can't you hear an oboe in the above image?

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  1. Circular

    How about the amalgam of history and prophecy?

    kei haku tan sho
    light thin short small

    trying to finish up the last painting of 1987
    the offering

    no sense trying to order the images as they fly in and out by themselves
    have to reconcile cartoon figures with the serious intent
    is that the irony of expression, how it defeats itself in its own process?

    Best to just have a waffle with butter and syrup when this sort of mood occurs.

    archive, 4/88, almost 40, sf, ca, red cadic journal