Monday, May 23, 2016


Yes, beautiful & luscious.  But not fragile as she might appear.  Hardy.  Prolific.  The alstroemeria.   Some foods are like this, too.  Dainty red raspberries pack a wallop of taste.  Now, consider the haiku -- both the poem & the cat (see May 22, 2016 post).  Hardy & beautiful.

above photo app-enhanced, Circular

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  1. Circular

    Ken Webster visits. His colors subtle, traditional, a slight twist on the nautical. He says, "I am baffled by your paintings."

    facts not in evidence

    Another coat of gesso, graphite erased.
    I contemplate masks, color decisions relating to pleasure,
    what sustains the thrill?

    archive 1/21/87, sf, ca, red cadic journal