Monday, April 4, 2016

What does the eye of landscape see?

Does it see itself?
Does the time of day and the amount of light or lack thereof matter?
Does landscape's eye see the one who is paying attention? Or focus on those who aren't?
One could ask, what does the eye of a plate see?  Or the eye of paper?
My grandmother advised, "There is an eye just for ink; the other is shared by night and dawn."
How do you know this grandmother, I'd ask.  In that familiar shrug of shoulder
nudging away doubt, she'd say, "Pay attention to old trees and where & when crows alight."

1 comment:

  1. whiffles through the warm-up
    done up in sweats by the sea
    a grimy little cottage, enough said--
    the beads and tides of the shattered coast
    still beckon and secure
    but it is the birds and wild flowers
    which wave the hardest edge--
    Moving in the wind, no guest to the currents
    no ridiculous appendage
    to slow down the daily swim

    1991 SF, CA