Saturday, April 23, 2016

Spring is a spiral

with eyes which taste. Irises are first-messengers of greening spiraling out of Spring.
Then, think of asparagus, spinach, fava beans.  Each with its own geometry.  And, yes, with its distinctive taste. Poems are like this, too -- full of taste, full of geometry.

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  1. Archival

    Watching mystery series set in english countryside, she reviews notations in blue marbled journal to respond to friend's metronomic blog entries...

    Artist Joseph Konzal , ISO #6 1979, cube space-outs described by critic, in
    "This aspect of grace"

    these pieces reach out and move into space, creating a more open concept

    [they] present a mass the outer surfaces of which may not be broken but in which the intensity of the design lies within....

    ...the space and light is compressed and encompassed....

    So we think, perhaps our words, our poems, our ideas--indeed our beings
    could thus be described,

    and in our more sublime moments we too are creators and creations...

    for mother's day, 2016, sf, ca