Friday, April 22, 2016

What do the moon and a round table have in common?

There's mystery & invitation to both the moon & a round table.  You never quite know how the conversation will unfold.  Or which questions might be asked?  What answer, given?

For instance, what did the round table say to the rain this morning?  What did you ask of the moon last night?

It's been said you can't count the number of stars in a lifetime.  I say you can't count the number of haikus which the moon has sirened.

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  1. Archival

    reviewing journals while watching cooking show on making risotto, one comes upon a small series of drawings of two figures at an art show

    exterior forms inspire interior thoughts

    N's repeated use of several themes over a 30 year period suggests a coherent iconography underlies her work

    No one know better than she about traveling with false papers

    on Cartier-Bresson, the critic says ..."a rather middle-brow notion of the beautiful..."